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These tools make the job more productive


Python (Django)
Python is one of the most commonly used programming languages it a most popular coding language and powerful Youtube and Instagram written in python. Although so much has been said about Python and its advantages, let us now focus on the advantages of Django, which not only acts as a quick solution for web development, its ability to deliver high-quality code and transparent writing provides the right platform to customers for business and even for the developers.


React & Angular
it seems that a new JavaScript framework is released almost everyday but we prefer to use the most reliable ones. Both Angular and React are proven technologies – used by big companies and with a huge community of developers.


React Native
We are not good at the 3D animation, so we chose React Native. It was developed and used by Facebook also includes other programs such as Netflix, Instagram, Airbnb.


Docker, AWS, Google Cloud
We using docker, kubernetes and the programs we develop will run on AWS (Amazon web service) or Google Cloud to make sure that your application is easily scalable, smooth-working and update without shutting down the system.

PORT 80: Web, Mobile App Development

We specialise in the development of business productivity applications and customisation of web based solution for your business.