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Web Development

Python* (Django)
PHP (Laravel, Wordpress)
Javascript (React, Angular)

Mobile Development

iOS Application
Android Application
React Native

Application Design

Application Interface Design
User Experience Design (UX)
Visual & Graphic Design

How We Work

Our Process

  • Initiate

    Analysis your business

    Analyse your business models and discuss how to turn them into software and list all function should have. Then we help you visualise the end result, so everyone involved in the project knows what exactly we want to achieve.

  • Design

    Graphic design

    A friendly interface easy to use is necessary for your app to succeed. We build UI (user interface) prototypes on an early stage and once they are approved, we turn them into slick and eye-pleasing designs.

  • Coding

    Software development

    We know how to develop apps. We have already built quite a few! But we also know that coding is not everything, so we keep in constant touch with you – just to be sure that the software has business value. We stick to the principles of agile software development (Scrum). Our teams are self-organising which makes people more devoted to their project and the process is divided into short sprints, so we can present you with a new version of the app every two weeks.

  • Maintenance

    Launch & maintenance

    We are always there to assist you during the launch of your brand new application. All in all, at this stage we already think of this software as of our own child and want eveything to run smoothly and whithout any glitches.

  • Improvement

    Further development

    When using the program for a while, all programs will need to improve. To increase the number of users or to add new functions to meet the needs or more modern. We always keep feedback from your customers so we are always ready to update and keep your business up to date.

PORT 80: Web, Mobile App Development

We specialise in the development of business productivity applications and customisation of web based solution for your business.